Thursday, July 26, 2012

what's that sound's a freakin walrus of all things @corksredfm

go E.T. who just turned 30 in june :)

so just how bad are the spanish national team olympic uniforms? you decide... @corksredfm

Taken from Few Australian athletes liked the green, white and grey Olympic opening ceremony uniforms in Athens eight years ago. But no one dared voice that opinion in public. The Spaniards in London are a smidge ballsier.
Either that, or their 2012 uniforms are on such a level of sartorial awkwardness that the athletes were compelled to voice their displeasure. Because, while the Jamaicans are being lauded for their laid-back urban threads - designed, no less, by Bob Marley's granddaughter - and the French will at least look dignified, if a little staid, in cropped midnight-blue jackets and white trousers, the Spanish have been roundly condemned for putting their athletes in red and yellow concoctions of flame motifs and filigree-patterned polos. And the condemnation has come from within, as a number of athletes hinted heavily at their displeasure on social media. "At home trying on my Olympics outfit. It is best if I don't voice an opinion, I will leave it up to you ..." Beijing sprint canoe gold medallist Saúl Craviotto said on Twitter a week ago. It was the accompanying picture Craviotto uploaded that told the full story. The 27-year-old resembled a miserable mid-90s fast-food restaurant employee in a polo shirt and Espana cap, clutching a red and yellow backpack in his hands. Hockey player Alex Fàbregas, a silver medallist in Beijing, was rendered speechless on the issue of the Russian-designed Spanish kit. "Olympic equipment, there are no adjectives ..," he said. But it was former world No.1 tennis player Carlos Moya who put the bluntest point on it, saying in a Tweet republished more than 200 times: "Looking forward to seeing [tennis player] Feliciano Lopez wearing the official Olympic uniform. He'll never have worn anything so ugly in his life."
"The outfits are what we have, we cannot change them now, and were decided upon more than a year-and-a-half ago," Blanco told Spanish media last week. "When you measure the difference between paying one and a half million euros of public money and free clothes, there is no discussion."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

10 lesser-known natural wonders & hand-feeding a dragonfly...double blog post win @corksredfm

batman fan? you might like this...all the gadgets & gear of the nolan batman universe @corksredfm

In honor of this week's arrival of The Dark Knight Rises, we present the gadgets and gear of the Nolan-universe Batman--in order, and in HD. This is compiled from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and four trailers for The Dark Knight Rises--oh, and one behind-the-scenes featurette. Rules: Leave in Batman's gear and gadgets in action, with helpful labels. Cut everything else. We didn't include the Batmobile more than once or twice when it was simply driving, but we did try to include all the tricks it does. Also, some of the clips (and labels) move pretty quickly, especially the stuff from the trailers, but there's not much we could do about that.

snow patrol home movie of best irish gig ever @phoenix park @corksredfm

“We’ve had some amazing gigs in Ireland. But this…This is the best.” Gary Lightbody Cinematographer and Editor ~ Robin Morgan Production Associate ~ Bradley Quinn

escape the ireland ad goes viral & with good reason! voiced by chris o'dowd @corksredfm

Escape the madness, Tourism Ireland's video advertisement targeting Londoners, has enjoyed viral success since its launch yesterday. The video is part of Tourism Ireland’s campaign to attract harassed London commuters to Ireland during the upcoming Olympic Games. Mark Henry of Tourism Ireland said it was the “most viral campaign in the past two years” and they were targeting 200,000 views of the video over the next three weeks. The video shows two London friends compete in a race to see whether one can get to Ireland as fast as the other can get to his office in London city centre, with voice-over by actor Chris O’Dowd. The video has had 34,000 views since it went live at 11am yesterday.. Mr Henry said it has reached about 370,000 people on twitter through their twitter-feeds and that 436,000 people in Britain saw the Facebook post yesterday. “All in all it’s reaching a lot of people.” The video finishes with an option to choose whether the viewer would "escape" or "embrace" the "madness" of busy London. So far twice as many people have chosen the escape option. However, Mr Henry said it is too early to gauge if the video had led to an increase in bookings. “I haven’t any evidence to say they have escaped yet but we hope they are making their plans today.” In the first 24-hours the video reached number thirteen in the UK Viral Video Charts. The video comes online as the first Olympic Games Lane was opened this week and Chris O’Dowd has tweeted his cameo in the campaign is his entry in the “heavyweight section of the Olympic traffic games.”

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

brandalism...ya gots to love it! @corksredfm

Protesting the ridiculously strict branding regulations of the upcoming London Olympics, street artist collective Brandalism (their motto: ‘taking the piss with a point’) has been busy ‘reclaiming’ billboards around the UK. MORE HERE

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

like two door cinema club? taster from new album (sept 3) here... @corksredfm

All this info 'borrowed' from Two Door Cinema Club have announced details of their second album 'Beacon', which will be released on September 3. 'Beacon', which is the follow up to 2010's 'Tourist History', was recorded in LA in April with producer Jacknife Lee (Bloc Party, U2, REM) in his home studios. Speaking about the new album, singer Alex Trimble said: "'Beacon' is a much more intimate record than our first, but at the same time, it's much bigger and more inclusive. Trying to find that balance has been our goal for a long time and this record takes us one step closer to the band we've dreamt of becoming". He added: Working with Jacknife Lee was a joy and a pleasure. He shared our goals and played a huge part in putting the pieces together in the right way. This is an exciting time for us and we can't wait to share the songs with everyone. The tracklisting for 'Beacon' is as follows: 'Next Year' 'Handshake' 'Wake Up' 'Sun' 'Someday' 'Sleep Alone' 'The World Is Watching (with Valentina)' 'Settle' 'Spring' 'Pyramid' 'Beacon'