Monday, December 10, 2007

Surf's Up Dudes!

Got these pix sent to me from Clare (the county not the person, not that the actual county sent me the shots either, more someone from up there, oh you know what I mean!) - Unreal aren't they! I have been doing a bit of surfing since the missus got me a wetsuit and board for xmas last year - mind you it was her who was most keen on getting 'stoked' on some waves - i had never been that pushed really though i had no doubts it wasnt a craic and a half i just didn't see me ever taking the time and interest to learn how to do it - and it is a steep learning curve but once you get a little taste of what it is you are supposed to be trying to do out on the waves it is unbelievably addictive - and it's cool to be out in the elements in all weathers having the craic - anyway not a chance in the world i am ever likely to be able to tackle waves the like of which you see here nor do i know if i would have the guts required but can you imagine the buzz - holy shit - it must be incredible and it is accessible - well waves, wetsuits and boards - all you need to start off really - couple of lessons to kick start you would do it - good clean healthy fun - lots of travel destinations open up with new possibilities as a result - keeps ya fit and strong - i could go on but just feast in these shots and imagine...just imagine...

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