Friday, February 15, 2008

Naked Cowboy Sues Mars - What?

The New York street performer called 'The Naked Cowboy' is suing Mars for $6 million for dressing an M&M like him. He claims Mars Inc. used his trademark look - white briefs, cowboy boots, a hat and not much else - to dress a blue M&M candy on a Times Square billboard. For nearly a decade, Robert Burck has been a fixture in Times Square, where he strums a guitar on a street corner while dressed in his minimal costume.

In a lawsuit filed this week in Manhattan federal court, Burck said that two oversized Times Square billboards that promote M&Ms used his look without compensating him. The billboards feature a scantily clad blue M&M with a guitar alongside views of New York including street scenes and the Statue of Liberty. 'Just like The Naked Cowboy does on a daily basis in Times Square, the M&M is not only dressed as "The Naked Cowboy," it is playing the Naked Cowboy's distinctive white guitar in the cartoon,' the lawsuit said. Burck has trademarked his signature look and has made several television and movie appearances in costume, including for a televised audition on American Idol, the lawsuit said.

Could someone tell him he's not actually naked!

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