Tuesday, August 19, 2008


There's a reason the saying 'never work with children or animals' was coined, as a terrified TV weatherman found out. Weatherman Kurtis Gertz put on a fixed-yet-terrified grin as a python started to slither inside his shorts on US television. It had all started so well. The KCCI-TV presenter first appeared with the 10ft long creature around his shoulders as he reported from the Iowa State Fair last week. But the giant Burmese python, called Dawn, had other ideas. First her head inched towards Gertz's face and made to kiss him. Then, she made her way up his leg. To make matters worse for a terrified Gertz, the whole thing was being broadcast live. He joking said: "Hey, that was a hot, wet kiss." But it was then that Dawn decided to get a bit more frisky and as he continued to hold the snake its tail crawled up Gertz shorts and down the other leg. "This is Dawn and she might have a crush on you," said Nick, the snake's trainer. Thinking this might be the end, Gertz said: "It's been a great 20 years in television, God bless." A clearly panicked Gertz in a bid to get producers to move on with another item said: "OK, let's go to stupid human tricks. Let's see you top this one." He was quickly rescued by snake's trainer and co-anchor Steve Karlin who helped unwind the amorous Dawn.

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