Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Giant pink rabbit can be seen from space

It is, I'm fairly certain, the first and only giant pink knitted rabbit that can be seen from space.

The vast, 200ft-long pink creature can be found lying on its back – like a toy discarded by a giant, fractious toddler – in the Italian Alps, near the village of Artesina.
And now you don't even need to travel to Italy to see it – because it has appeared on Google Maps.
The creation of Viennese art collective Gelitin, the rabbit was made in 2005, following (according to the artists) five years of intensive knitting and stuffing with straw. They write on their website that it's intended to appear 'as if knitted by giant grandmothers'.

Visitors to the rabbit aren't just expected to stand and stare at the art, nodding wisely. Gelitin suggest climbing over the rabbit, exploring the knitted internal organs spilling out of the hole in its side, or possibly going to sleep on its belly.

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