Monday, April 20, 2009


A 20-year-old cheerleading coach is facing the axe after it emerged that she'd posed nude for Playboy magazine - but she's by no means the first teacher to ditch her clothes. Schools seem to be a hotbed for going naked these days, with the UK no stranger to risqué education techniques. We take a look at five other schools where the lessons have been somewhat less than traditional.

One Hungarian teacher took sex education to a whole new level - by stripping in front of her students. Teresa Juhasz, who is in her 20s, peeled off her clothes in the classroom during a game of truth or dare that went just a little bit too far. When one of her pupils dared her to pole dance, the teacher decided she was up for the challenge and started a raunchy routine which eventually led to her writhing about in her matching bra and pants.

A male supply teacher was asked to leave a secondary school after removing his shirt in front of a class of 13 and 14-year-old pupils. The incident at Sudbury Upper School in Sudbury, Suffolk, in April 2008, was filmed by a pupil on a mobile phone and footage broadcast on internet website YouTube.

A teacher in Sweden was fined for flashing her breasts at a male pupil. She was convicted of sexual harassment after exposing her breasts to the boy in retaliation for the boy covering the blackboard with swear words and sexual drawings. The 47-year-old teacher claimed that there was nothing sexual about her breast-flashing, and that it was merely a response to the boy's rude scribblings. 'I just snapped. I was trying to get him to stop writing and drawing filth on the blackboard,' she said.

A Cambridge PE teacher found herself in trouble after appearing in a range of "completely inappropriate" poses on a modelling website. Natasha Gray, who was voted the UK's sexiest teacher on a television show in 2002, was shown in one photograph wearing a thong while lying on her front on a bed.

And just to prove that removing items of clothing while at school is not limited to teachers, these Danish students put on a raunchy strip show all of their own. Just a bit of fun, according to their condoning teachers. Erik Olesen, head teacher at the Silkeborg school said everyone, including the school governors, had known about the annual contest and described it as 'harmless fun'. But news of the striptease got out in 2007 when some of the girls stripped naked and began to touch each other's breasts - then started rubbing baby oil over each other's bodies. And they didn't even win the competition.

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