Monday, July 20, 2009


David Beckham did not receive the warmest of welcomes Sunday night as he played on the LA Galaxy home turf. Angry fans booed the English captain because of his five-month leave to play with AC Milan, ironically the team they were playing against. Becks is still a member of the Galaxy, but he's buying himself out of his contract and leaving us Angelenos to go play full-time in Milan. Things went from bad to worse when Beckham approached a fan in the stands during half time. Some fans say they saw David attempt to extend a hand of peace to the fan, while others accuse him of not being "professional" and antagonising the fan further. In response, the man leapt from his seat onto the pitch and attempted to run towards Beckham. Security was forced to intervene, escorting Beckham back to his team while removing the fan from the area. Besides the rowdy fan, dozens of signs hating on Beckham were apparent throughout the stadium. Clearly, he has some work to do to regain the love of Galaxy fans. After the game was over (Beckham had assisted on both of the team's scores), he assured the press that he only intended to make nice with the fan and that he understood their resentment towards him. "It's to be expected," he said. Sometimes it goes beyond it. I tried to shake one of the guy's hands but he didn't want any of it. That's the way it is." We're giving David the benefit of the doubt and believe his story that he was just trying to make peace. He usually is superly mild-mannered and we can't really see him losing his cool with just one random person.

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