Thursday, November 26, 2009


As Victor Meldrew would put it: "I don't believe it!"

Would you believe but the boy with the beard lost the Mo growing challenge hmmmm well maybe starting a week late didn't help..clearly I overestimated my facial follical growing abilities (and underestimated Phil 'The Dark Horse' Bourke's) it IS getting there but might take another week to look as humdinger as I had been hoping for...

Still if you are impressed at our efforts maybe consider donating something on my Movember home page here

Soooo maybe I lost the Movember Mo Growing contest but I'm pretty sure I won the Zoolander Blue Steel Face-Off challenge at the fashion show last week - view the vid below to see for yourself..

Hang on has Phil even see the movie? Cos that's the worst Blue Steel face effort I've ever seen ha ha! I win so that means score is 17-16 to me...when is this going to end and with what??

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