Friday, February 26, 2010

Heartbreaking Story of Bowie's Son's Mum

Thanks to Popbitch:
Duncan Jones, formerly Zowie Bowie, won a BAFTA at the weekend, for outstanding debut by a British director. [For 'Moon,' screening as the first 'Movies By Moonlight' offering @Blackrock Castle Observatory on Saturday night.] Alone among the luvvies, his acceptance speech was sweet and truly affecting. So imagine what it must have been like for Angie Bowie to be sent the video clip. Estranged from her 38 year-old son since he was 14, this heart-wrenching note is what she posted on her Facebook page:

"Dear Duncan, On your BAFTA win! Well done. I won't have the opportunity of saying this to you so i will write it. Bravo! Congratulations. I am so very proud of you. You are as talented as you are cute! love Mummy".

see it here


Lena said...

I read Angie's book, Backstage Passes And Life On The Wildside, yonks ago about the start of David's career and the lady had helped Bowie on his road to fame - something I suppose he was destined to do but Angie helped him kick-start it quickly.

It must be gutting having to give your praises publicly to such a high profile son. It's been far too long and the gap should be filled in. Arms are essential to mums when it comes to pride and love.

dave mac said...

wow lena you go girl!