Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Skateboard v reporter
This reporter thought that she would wow the audience by performing an 'ollie' on a skateboard to round off her interview. Unfortunately for her, her claimed 'practice' sessions haven't really paid off and a general lack of skateboarding ability means that she promptly introduces her face to the ground.

Reporter v Pigeon
This reporter learnt the hard way that when you are reporting on live animals it is best to be on your guard. Not only does he stand under a pigeon, which promptly makes a mess of his rather lovely jacket, he then looks up. With his mouth open. We think you can see where this one is going.

Quad biking
Riding a quad bike isn't as easy as you may think, as this reporter proves in her on-screen calamity. After finishing her link, she guns the throttle, sets off and promptly crashes straight into another parked bike, keeping the throttle pinned open.

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