Wednesday, December 14, 2011

holy freak that's a wave! tow-in surfing mullaghmore stylee (last monday folks) how disappointing it won't embed soooo worth clicking through on though...
MULLAGHMORE went for broke during a gap between two storm systems on Monday, December 12th.
Why was it so big? Because the storm was so close. Why didn't they run the Billabong Tow comp? Because storm number two was too close. Morning's perfection rolled into a stormforce afternoon but not before allowing a thrills-and-spills tow and session in the teeth of the storm.
"Well what a day, it had it all, we all agree it was some of the hollowest nastiest 20ft plus barrels we have ever had out there" Said Richie Fitzgerald. "Great crew, me, Gav, Paul, Nezza, Dylan, Pete, Barry, Roo, Easkey, Jayce, Lyndon, and, we all had some mental waves."
It was a brutal day in the frigid Irish waters. Casualty list included Jayce Robinson's knee, a couple of tow boards and Paul O'Kane's ski. Barry Mottershead got absolutely hosed from steep and deep whilst Fergal Smith and Tom Lowe's paddling stole the show.
"It was truly epic seeing Tom, Ferg and Dan Skaj paddle those waves from the peak." Said Mickey Smith "Next level shit."
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