Friday, April 13, 2012

cork's world-famous country relish goes literally out-of-this-world!

Many weeks of careful planning came together and made the Ballymaloe space project not only a reality but a great success. The launch took place on Saturday the 24th of March 2012 just outside of Mallow. We tracked the progress to an altitude of 5400 feet where we then lost contact. 2 hours later we received our first location 2 miles off the coast of Youghal. This seemed to be the end of the project as a water landing was our worst fear, Luck sided with us and lower atmospheric winds carried the unit inland where it touched down in a stubble field.
We achieved a maximum altitude of 96,500 feet at which point the jar and its contents were completely frozen as can be seen throughout the video. The low temperatures caused the camera equipment to fail upon its decent but luckily the GPS unit kept running and allowed continued tracking.
Our team was made up of the following.
Alex Musgrave- Producer and cinematographer
Billy Cummings- Editor and motion graphics
Eoin Devlin- Animator
Irial Kennedy- Head of design and engineering
Aisling Ryan- Musician

This Project was only made possible with the input of each of these individuals and their dedication of time.
and of course a big thanks Ballymaloe for allowing us to take on this daring project.
We hope all who see these amazing images enjoy them as much as we do. It truly was a great achievement for all involved.

For any further information on this project please contact us

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