Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the @corksredfm @seasessions stand-up paddle challenge with g-town surf school

Red Drive Sea Sessions Stand-Up Paddle Challenge with G-Town Surf School & Cork's RedFM...so it all started like this... Dear Red Fm, Three sad, Cork Leaving Cert students from Clonakilty are searching for motivation to get us through the most boring and worst year of our life. As we are also broke because we are studying flat (hence unemployed) we have no 'Leaving Cert holiday' to look forward too. We would like to express a serious interest in Sea Session in Donegal. Therefore we have an opportunity of a life time for you. We Finn, Sorzy and Cally (Lisa Finn, Sorcha Crowley and Laura O' Callaghan) would life to suggest a proposition..that would get your customers HOPPING in return for a Sea Sessions ticket EACH! We will let ye RedFM, or ye're listeners DARE US TO DO ANYYYYTHING..YES THATS ANYTHING. Standard terms and conditions apply, please read the back of the label for more details.hahah! Would like to hear back from you veeery soon, 100% banter guaranteed. It sounded good to Mac and the Sea Sessions boys up Bundoran way so the wheels were set in motion and the challenge was set and here ladies and gentlemen is the evidence... more on g-town surf school here

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