Thursday, August 2, 2012

hey did ya miss world middle finger day? me too...

World Middle Finger Day on August 1 What a wonderful freedom we have: the freedom to object. Protests brought down the iron curtain. Protests brought about the Arab Spring. Technology has enabled us. We share our annoyance and our outrage with everybody, everywhere. It is an effective vehicle for change. Locally and globally. It's a freedom we should cherish. That's why we are initiating World Middle Finger Day, using as our symbol the universal gesture for discontent, for protest. Let us celebrate this freedom: whatever it is, big or small, on August 1, give'em the finger. No Hate-policy: We distance our efforts from any such behavior and will eliminate any comment or contribution which we deem to be hate-mongering. Monies from sales will go to a fund to support peaceful protesters. Spread the word and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see the unique ways people all over give the middle finger. Also have a look at our official anthem, the World Middle Finger Song, on youtube.

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