Monday, September 29, 2008


The Idaho Vandals had an unique problem with their new uniforms as they debuted them in their 70-0 blow-out loss against the University of Arizona. And the problem had nothing to do with the team's "butt-kicking." But have no fear Vandal fans, the offending patch in the most unfortunate of places has been removed from the pants. Yup, the logos were placed right on the player's behinds. There is some disagreement still on just who authorized the placing of the Vandal logo with both Nike and the University of Idaho pointing fingers at each other. With butt-gate, or logo-gate, or what ever you want to call it, the players want to put it, yes, behind them. Rob Spears, the school's athletic director, says nobody realized just how the logo placed in the center of the players' behinds would look before they tried their pants on. Spears told the Idaho Statesman the sewn-in University of Idaho logo has since been hastily removed by equipment managers after complaints. "I was disappointed with the look and the appearance," Spears says. "It's changed."

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