Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The bankruptcy of a major banking giant is a serious matter – but not for these two US jokers. During a recent live CNN report announcing Lehman Brothers' filing for bankruptcy, two men are seen behind the reporter – who is apparently oblivious – getting it on Marvin Gaye style. The pranksters, who in fact star in The Howard Stern Show in the US, execute a make-out scene with caricature clichéd moves and priceless comic timing. In the throes of passion, there is nipple licking with the tousling of hair to repay the favour.When the live stream returns to the studio, a female broadcaster comments on the fiery fusion of man love calling it, 'Two guys… just obviously trying to make light of a bad situation pretending to “console” each other.'” Sure, you can call it that but 'genius' might be even more politically correct.

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