Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Corcaigh abú!




This is a chain mail for Cork people. Pass it on!!

To whom it concerns,
We call on all Cork People in a grave time and one where the needs of our great County have become paramount. We call on them to make their voice heard, their vote count and their support felt for a cause that has no lesser an
importance resting on it, than the future well-being of the great game in our County.

The Cork jersey is sacred.

To wear the 'blood and bandage' is something many of us dreamt of as children.
Everyone knows that these dreams were shared by many who have been lucky enough tobe part of the current {08} panel of players. As a consequence we are more than acutely aware that the road chosen by men like John Gardiner and Cathal Naughton and Sean Og
has been the difficult one. They wouldn't be true Corkmen if they took the easy way out! They have chosen the difficult path. One fraught with heartache, pain, conflict and bitterness! Yet they have stood steadfast in their endeavour
to stay the course and in so doing, try to bring about the welcome change necessary to an antiquated, archaic monolith that has shown itself out of touch and out of date with modernity and progress. But they, who have chosen the hard way, are now out of that most precious commodity of all - TIME.. And they need our help!
It's time to step up. It's time to get mobile. In the words of Barack Obama "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." We march in support of what's right. We march in support of the future. We march in support of a bunch of men who have given us everything for ten years and have asked for precious little in return but a barrier free environment to deliver the success we voraciously crave year on year! On Sunday week we will meet in solidarity to show these men that they are not alone. That they are not the villains as depicted in certain quarters and that we will always be grateful for all they've done in the name of the Rebel County throughout their careers. And when we march through the streets of our great city we need to remember. As we pass the City Hall we should take a good look at the statues of Terence McSweeney and Tomas MacCurtain and remember what being a Corkman and a rebel is all about. And remember the sacrifice that these players have made over the past ten years for the blood and bandage and then remember that they are prepared to make another, the ultimate sacrifice, their careers for that same Blood and Bandage.. As Corkmen, unified with one purpose and one goal and that is to see our best players represent us in the coming months.. we march in support of these players.. if you support the 2008 panel please go to Daunt Square for 1 p.m. on Sunday February 8th in your Cork colours to march to the initial league match between Cork and Dublin by 2p.m.

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