Wednesday, January 14, 2009


CCTV footage shows how the hapless patrolman drove though an automatic security barrier while towing a broken down vehicle. But while his van passed though safely, the barrier came crashing down on the vehicle he was towing. The stunned motorist was then thrust six feet into the air by two hydraulic bollards launched up from the ground. The shocked driver was then forced to scramble from her black BMW which was left hoisted up at a 45 degree angle. Embarrassed AA officials claimed today that their mechanic had done “everything by the book”. A spokesman said: “The patrolman was assured that it was fine to proceed through the barrier. He did everything by the book and drove through in good faith.” The vehicle was being towed to a British Airways car park near Heathrow Airport, as the stranded motorist was an airline employee and had been en route to work. But within seconds of the AA van passing through the car park barrier, the security system, which was designed to only allow one vehicle through at a time, was triggered. The blunder happened on December 30 last year during a routine breakdown call-out.

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