Friday, February 13, 2009


The current Cork crisis has not gone unnoticed in Hollywood. It is seen as having the ingredients of a fantastic film. Neil Jordan has been selected to direct and casting is at an advanced stage and so far the following details have emerged.

Donal Og – Jonathan Rhys Myers. Rhys Myers was chosen to play his fellow Cork man as it was felt that having played the chap who shot Michael Collins that he would ideally be suited to playing a man trying to bring down another Cork leader. Also playing Henry the eight has given him good experience of playing someone with a massive ego.
Frank Murphy – Al Pacino. Pacino has played some of the most ruthless characters in cinema history. His portrayal of Murphy is said to be a cross between his portrayal of Tony Montana and Michael Corleone.
Diarmuid O Sullivan – Keifer Sutherland. Thought to be the ideal candidate to play the full back as he has shown in 24 that he is capable of deliberately inflicting pain on others without flinching. Sutherland is said to be unsure if he can put on the required extra weight.
Jerry O Sullivan – Donald Sutherland
Sean Og – Benicio Del Toro. Fresh from having played Che it was thought he would be the ideal man to play another revolutionary.
Gerald McCarthy - Liam Neeson. Neeson already having played a Cork leader who was taken out by his own is said to be very keen to play this part.
John Gardiner – Cillian Murphy. Having played a rebel leader in the wind that shakes the barely the Cork man was judged to be ideal to play last year’s captain.
Diarmuid O Flynn – John Hurt. Hurt having played the Bird in the field will do a similar job here and follow the players around and agree with every thing that they say.
Bob Ryan: Pat Short. For the comedy value.

Soundtrack to include the following
Tom Petty: I won’t back down.
Tom Petty: Free Falling
Frankie goes to Hollywood: Relax
REM: It’s the end of the world as we know it
Elvis: Suspicious minds
ACDC: Highway to hell
Johnny Logan: Whats another year?

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