Friday, March 13, 2009


For years, wearing the clothes of the opposite sex was a one-way street. Girls could wear trousers and shirts but boys couldn't wear dresses, blouses and stockings – not without a lot of funny looks, anyway. But those days are over, according to male pantyhose supremo Harisnya, who goes by one name only. Mantyhose – what else? – follow hot on the heels of other popular fashion accessories such as guyliner, manbags and manzieres (bras for big boys). 'I like to wear pantyhose – just like many other men – because I like the soft material, the support it gives to my legs and body, and because I find it very practical,' added London-based Harisnya. 'Male pantyhose can be worn for health, sports and fashion. So we aim to show that pantyhose could be a regular clothing item for men.' Not since the days when fictional merry of men pranced around Sherwood Forest, stealing from the rich, have tights been so popular among red-blooded males, according to Harisnya. His website,, is packed with tips with one discussion topic named: 'Is pink pantyhose too femmy for men?' (ANSWER BY THE WAY IS YES) Harisnya said: 'We estimate one in five men has worn some kind of pantyhose in his life and would try it again under right circumstances.' So men – you know who you are – wear your tights with pride.

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rdlp715 said...

Thats insane. Drunk friend of mine said about 5months ago that these things would be all the rage in 2009. Mens leggins. Dubbed them pleggins as in pants leggins. Google doesnt know anything about it.

She was, however, hammered when she mentioned it.

Mens uggs have already made an appearance. Cant wait til mens bras become acceptable.

... just me?