Monday, March 2, 2009


At first glance, this photo seems like a typical holiday snap – five friends having a splash. But take a look at the bottom left corner and you will spot an ominous, grey shadow. Did English man David Murray and his friends have a near miss or was it just a uniquely shark-like reflection in the Sydney Harbour waters?
The picture has divided the Australian city, which has suffered three shark attacks in as many weeks. 'A few friends suggested we had a lucky escape,' said gap year worker Mr Murray, 22. The photo was taken by a friend at a work party off the aptly-named Shark Island in the harbour. 'There were over 80 of us in the water. There was no panic. Everyone was just having fun,' added the barman, of Harrow, north-west London. He saw the sinister shape only when the picture appeared on Facebook. Meanwhile, a young surfer's leg was bitten to the bone yesterday at Avalon, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Andrew Lindop, 15, was the third shark attack victim in three weeks. It came just before a record 880 swimmers jumped into the water at the Opera House for the Sydney Harbour Swim Classic. Shark spotters in helicopters and boats and a flotilla of lifeguards on paddleboards protected them.

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