Thursday, May 7, 2009


Love snowboarding but often find yourself short of the necessaries? Well, now you can make tracks – even uphill ones – when there's not a flake of the white stuff about. A new battery-powered board uses two tank-style tracks to motor adrenalin junkies over almost any hard surface. The Scarpar, which has a top speed of 37mph, can traverse mud, sand or snow and even haul riders up 20° slopes. It is operated via a gamer-style hand control and is expected to cost about £1,500 when it hits the shelves – and the side of hills – next year. 'The ability of tracks to travel on very soft surfaces opens up a huge number of surfaces as places to ride,' said Andrew Fern, boss of its Australian manufacturers. The board houses an 8hp electric motor which can carry a rider weighing up to 110kg (240lbs). It is ridden in the same position as a snowboard but has no bindings, although safety gear is advised.

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