Thursday, August 13, 2009


You have heard of pants. You have heard of hands. Put them together and what do you get? Handerpants… the ultimate in finger-holed comfort.

That's right, the same snug feel you enjoy from your underwear can now be transmitted to your hands. With a pair of pants. Made to fit hands. It really is that simple. Handerpants may sound like a joke, but they are an actual product you can buy. Available online through US novelty company Archie McPhee & Co, they are a bargain when you think of all their uses. If you suffer from keyboard pains from surfing the internet, or door handle pains from opening doors, or even phone pains from picking up a phone, Handerpants are what you need. The white gloves may not be as fashionable as Michael Jackson's, but they sure look comfy, and are 95 per cent cotton and five per cent spandex. Mmmm… nice. Just don't mistake them for your normal pants. Things could get tight.

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