Thursday, March 25, 2010


What a day….What a day….What a day!!!
Where do I start….My Brother-In-Law David Doody is 22 years old, is Downsyndrome, can’t speak & is looked after very well by his loving mother Helen. He’s got 6 brother’s & 3 sisters & he’s the youngest of 11. His idols are Westlife & when I heard on the radio yesterday morning that Shane & Nicky from Westlife were appearing at The Boardwalk I took it as a sign that once & for all he might have a chance to meet his idols. As over the years he’s driven me crazy with his Westlife Cd’s blaring at full volume in the car & me being a guy in his thirties probably not the coolest music to be playing but I don’t mind as it makes him happy. He’s been to all their shows in Millstreet but then they stopped playing there so we took him to Croke Park but the stage was just so far away & he really didn’t enjoy it as he couldn’t see them. His heart isn’t the greatest so I think Croke Park was a bit too much for him.

His father passed away unexpectedly last May & I do think he was looking down on us yesterday. As we waited outside for over an hour & the crowd was growing as kids were finishing school & coming down I really began to doubt we’d get to have his picture taken with them. But then a Blonde girl just popped outside for a minute & I asked her if there was any chance we could just pop in for a quick photo & she went inside & asked. Then the best news ever she came out & took us into the restaurant that was empty except for the 2 lads down the end. They were so kind & gracious & posed for photos & signed his album sleeve & truly made his Year. This is probably one of the Greatest moments in his life & his sister (my wife) & his mother were close to tears afterwards when we told them. He now has treasured photos to bring into Cope Foundation this morning & show all his jealous classmates. I know it sounds like something so simple or trivial but that was one of the most special moments for him & I was walking on air afterwards for being able to do this for him.

I’ve attached photos, he looks a little shell shocked in them, I only think it sank in when he got into the car afterwards & just started screaming. My Job now is to make sure I get 4 tickets first thing Friday morning so if there is anyway possible for ye to help me get tickets before they are sold out it would be so much appreciated. I know ye probably get requests like this on a daily basis but I can only ask & pray that we do get him tickets for the Marquee. Of course I’m willing to pay for the tickets so if there’s anyway your contacts can put 4 aside it would complete this special moment.

Many Thanks
Barry Kelleher

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Lena said...

What a fabulous bunch of guys Westlife are! David does look in awe. I was too, meeting my idol...!

My sons' bands often take part in charity gigs and it's seems to be when they play best.

Finger crossed that you do get the tickets for David.