Thursday, June 24, 2010


Trials rider Martyn Ashton has attracted nearly 380,000 hits since his vid was posted less than a week ago. In the video Ashton performs a string of amazing stunts. He takes his carbon bike over rocks, along a precarious cliff, and then down a viciously steep rockface, before performing stunts in a skate park. He even cycles along the hand rail of a high bridge before ending the clip with a backflip from a ramp.The film, shot over three-and-a-half days around Porthcawl, Bristol, Windsor and Brands Hatch, has provoked debate with a lot of viewers suspecting some of the footage is fake. "It has to be a fake - you can't use a road bike like that," posted TheUngreatNate. And a poster called punkbek3886 agreed: "I'm not trying to be negative at all, but a lot of this seems green screened, especially the part on the rocks. Maybe it's just funky camera work." But other YouTube users disagreed with arnoldii2 responding: "Just because you can't do it, someone else can't? There would be no point in wasting time faking this. Looks legit to me." And Park0ur4life commented: "That dude must have some killer quads. Beast stuff!! I didn't even know you could do that type of stuff on that kinda bike. Amazing."

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