Monday, June 21, 2010


It wasn’t quite like gruesome Ozzy Osbourne biting off a bat’s head but Lady Gaga has stunned fans by mauling a Barbie during a live set. A masked Gaga clad in a bikini whipped out the doll – dressed in a red swimsuit – before plunging Barbie’s head into her mouth. Thrashing the poor toy about between her teeth, she then gave a captivated crowd a one-finger salute. Charming! Lady G put in her latest stage shocker – which soon made it on to YouTube – as she performed at Holland’s GelreDome venue in Arnhem this week as part of her Monster Ball tour. However, the 24-year-old may soon have to get herself a sense of decorum with speculation that the mad hatter is set to study under Philip Treacy – one of the world’s leading headwear designers and the man behind the Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding hat. The fashion house confirmed the singer had applied for a work experience placement but a spokesman added: ‘Nothing is set in stone.’ The US-Italian singer decided on her latest vocation after Treacy put together her famous lightning bolt hat for the Grammy Awards. Treacy’s other famous clients include Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker and actresses the Olsen twins. Now Gaga appears to have decided that she wants to inflict her harebrained ideas on other stars...

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