Friday, November 23, 2007

Wedding Run Winners!!

Liam & Sharon before they headed off 'on the run' - to say they look a tad more excited in the after shots would be a bit of an understatement, for those pix check back here Monday...

What a day it was - big thanks to all and everyone that took part and made it all happen - Grace, Trout, Norina, Tanya, Tony, Louise, Claire, Debbie, Camilla, Louise, Jen, Eimear, KC, Lenny, Caroline, Vic, Phil, Stevie, Ken, Melissa, Liam, Sharon, Eoin, Sharon, George, Jane and the Rooster too! There really was a massive crew on call and with the sun lashing down it was just perfect - All four couples arrived in far quicker than expected but it was Liam & Sharon and Ken & Melissa who made it back fastest - So they faced the head to head for the overall prize - after a series of questions testing the ladies to see how well they thought their husbands-to-be knew them - get that? In other words the fellas were whisked away to be asked questions about their ladies and the ladies were then asked what they thought their answers would be - in the end Ken reckoned Melissa would least prefer to do the gardening and she thought he would have said cleaning and that, after a near flawless performance from Sharon, made Liam and his missus-to-be very very happy indeed. Being the sap that I am I almost feel worse for those that have simultaneously just lost than happy for those that have just won but that's the way it goes I suppose and congrats to the winners and commiserations to the losers but what a laugh of a day that was - hope it sounded good on air and something tells me we might just run this 'un again....stay tuned!

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