Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Bleary-eyed Joe Cole looks like he needs to be substituted as he stumbles out of a nightclub at 3am following Chelsea's victory against Fenerbahce. One former player was even dragged out of the venue semi-conscious after apparently over indulging.
Stars past and present were out in force last night celebrating after the game with Turkish side. Cole looked as though he particularly enjoyed the evening's activities – emerging as dawn approached doing his best Compo from Last of the Summer Wine impression. Bleary-eyed and half submerged in a tea-cosy beanie hat, the midfielder made strange 'quote mark' actions as he made his way out of the club clutching a rolled up note. But Cole – who set up German midfielder Michael Ballack for the first goal in the 2-0 Stamford Bridge win – looked positively straight-laced compared to former Chelsea goalkeeper Lenny Pidgeley.

Now at Millwall, the stopper who came through the ranks at Chelsea showed where his true loyalties lay by joining his former team-mates for the night on the tiles. Not that he's likely to be able to recount the encounter in any detail if pictures of him being dragged out by his underwear are anything to go by. The keeper appeared semi-conscious at best as two bouncers part-carried, part-hurled him out the door at the premier nightspot. Never one to miss out on a social, Chelsea skipper and demoted England captain John Terry was also at the club, although he tried to avoid any further front-page coverage by slipping out the back door along with goalscorer Frank Lampard. Defender Ricardo Carvalho was snapped with mouth agape as he made his way home – whether he was yawning from his footballing excursions or letting rip with a lion-like roar is anyone's guess. Chelsea face Liverpool in the semi-final after the Merseysiders beat Arsenal at Anfield, by which stage the hangovers will hopefully have worn off.

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