Tuesday, April 1, 2008

KC & Lenny Ready For Road

Fresh from cutting up the pistes in Andorra and then sunning their hides in Southern Spain - the dynamic duo themselves (seen above) are ready for road and will be back on air next Monday - can't wait!

Oh Ok that was a bit of a tall story (ahem, pardon the pun, the real story is a 74.6cm (2ft 6in) teenager has been crowned the world's shortest man. He Pingping (that's his name not an insult), 19, has been written into Guinness World Records as the shortest man alive. Mr He, from Inner Mongolia, China, could fit into the palm of a hand when he was born, according to his father. He became a cult figure on the internet last year after he appeared on a Japanese television show. He recently met Bao Xishun – who also hails from Inner Mongolia – but towers over Mr He at 2.41m (7ft 9in).

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