Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kylie Comeback Fails To Woo Press

Here's a pic (and below a vid) of plucky Kylie battling back, having survived breast cancer, in an attempt at cracking America and here's what the cruel press said about her performance - now admittedly against the standards of lithe young starlets the usually svelte Kylie has filled out a little but I mean come on give the girl a break..mind you the singing isn't exactly the Mae West...

"Kylie Minogue stunned 20 million television viewers with an awful bondage outfit and platinum blonde wig in an attempt to conquer America last night. The pint sized Aussie, 39, debuted her first performance in five years on American TV in the US version of Dancing With The Stars. The questionable fashion choice was not as successful as the shows' ratings however. A Rhianna inspired, black bondage get up with chains and cuffs did not flatter the pop star's ageing figure. Another figure hugging red sequinned mini-dress also showed the petite star looking less than her former sexpot self. Minogue asked the audience 'Are you feeling good?' Before singing her past hits such as Can't Get You Out Of My Head and All I See. The audience might have been feeling good but Kylie certainly wasn't looking good. The performance was in sync with her new album released in US stores today, Album X, which has already sold nearly one million copies worldwide. While in the States, she will be also appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson in an effort to finally become a superstar in the USA."

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