Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crash on south mall on sunday nite! - only in cork!!

N.B. JUST GOT THIS BY TEXT (THURSDAY 12.30PM) Hi dis is d fella who crashed d polo just 2 let ya knw d tracking went in my car nd dat was d cause of d crash actualy wasnt my fault. Let every1 knw...NO PROBS EVERYONE THAT SEES THIS WILL AT LEAST KNOW...WHICH WOULD MEAN THAT THE BELOW STORY - WHILE CREATIVE - ISN'T IN FACT THE TRUTH - ASSUMING THAT THE TEXTER WAS INDEED THE DRIVER THAT IS!

As the title suggests. Have a look at what happened on south mall last night!!!!
A polo with 4 very young people on board was driving down the road (driving from hillbillys towards the south mall) and spun the wheels on the cobbles. lost control completely , round the corner on the wrong side of the road, then back onto the rite side, up on the kerbs, drove along the footpath for about 30 feet and plowed into the steps to a solicitors office. hit the door n all.

What the drivers may have said to the guards!!hahaha
'I was driving along enjoying a pleasant conversation with my chums here, when all of a sudden these steps came screeching around the corner, out of control they were!'
Or the possible conversation between the guard and the business owner:
yes hello,we need you to come to your business,
Is there a problem?
Yes,a car is after driving in through your door door thats about 4 foot above road level....
oh rite....!'

thanks to nessa for sending this one to me complete with text commentary too!

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