Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A group of daredevils hired by car giant Nissan have sparked anger after a video of them performing stunts in rush hour traffic appeared on YouTube.

Dressed like ordinary commuters, the free-stylers found an extraordinary way of negotiating London Waterloo's morning traffic.

Running behind double decker buses, they perform gravity-defying back flips against them before dodging traffic on busy roads, somersaulting over railings and doing handstands on top of bus shelters.

The display of parkour – the urban French sport of crossing obstacles as quickly as possible using only your own strength – is part of a car advert for Nissan.

But the stunt has not gone down well. Transport For London condemned the video.

“Safety of bus passengers and road users is paramount. This may look like harmless fun but it has the potential to be dangerous.”

Nissan insisted the stunts were carried out by professionals and that health and safety staff were presented during filming.

A Nissan spokeswoman said: "These guys are not just random people off the street, they are fully trained specialists.

"They would never do anything to put the general public in any danger.

"It was done in a very controlled way. We had a safety officer on the scene assessing the situation making sure nobody was at risk."

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