Thursday, May 8, 2008


Taara McLaren, 14, went to feed her nine cats at her home in Darwin, north Australia, but only eight appeared. She then went outside to look for Kohl, the missing eight-month-old Tabby. That is when she saw the carpet python and its telltale bulge.
Taara’s mother Asha quickly took the other eight cats to safety and called a snake catcher.

Gordon Canning, Darwin’s only 24-hour snake catcher, said Kohl did not stand a chance against the python. It would have stuck at its prey, then squeezed it to death before swallowing it whole. “The cat would have been suffocated within minutes,’’ he said. “The snake did well. Usually it is the other way around with snakes falling victim to cats.’’ Mr Canning took the snake to the Ark Animal Hospital in Yarrawonga, where X-rays showed the grisly remains of Taara’s kitten. “Once it has finished digesting the cat, which will probably take about a week, we will release it back into the wild.’’

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