Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A pair of scuba divers off the coast of Mexico survived a terrifying ordeal straight out of Jaws when a great white shark burst through the side of their metal cage.

One moment they were watching the animal feeding off a school of tuna in the azure waters around the Isle de Guadalupe. But the next, it was charging straight towards them: seconds later it crashed through their protective cage, its huge head ripping apart the bars.

The pair, whose film of last year's incident has become a huge hit on YouTube, had to crouch down into the corner of their cage while the enormous predator thrashed wildly around.

They then managed to escape from the water and onto the Searcher boat owned by a tour company, which offers shark dives for £2,000 apiece. With equipment just six years old, the company has now pledged to upgrade. And in a statement commenting on the incident they said: "When we said 'you can get face-to-face with the ultimate predator' this is not what we had in mind".

One of the two divers - who goes by the YouTube nickname ScubaDubaDive - said on the website that the shark had hit them by accident. "After it hit the tuna in front of the cage its eyes were closed to protect them," he said. "It hit the cage and then reacted."

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