Wednesday, December 3, 2008


When you think of the connection between 'popular music' and 'walruses', the chances are you'll come up with The Beatles' 'I Am The Walrus,' and not much more.

But that's because you've never seen Sara, the incredible saxophone-playing walrus of Istanbul. A star of the show at the newly-opened Istanbul Dolphinarium, Sara – prompted by her Russian trainer, Sergiy – clasps a saxophone in her flippers and rocks out to a powerful sax solo. However, we have terrible news for any potential fans of the supposedly talented creature - because Sara is not actually playing the saxophone. She's just miming, the big faker. She's actually the Milli Vanilli of the musical-walrus world. However, pretend-saxophone-playing is not the limit of Sara's skills. She can also dress up as a train conductor and blow a whistle, for some reason. Her routine also includes lying face down and catching a rose thrown to her. And she has become adept at games with balls and hoops. Sara is delighting onlookers with her routines at Istanbul Dolphinarium in Istanbul, Turkey, which opened its doors on Monday. Her role at the Dolphinarium is a far cry from the behaviour of her wild counterparts, which spend most of their lives on sea ice in seeking out molluscs to eat. The walrus has played a prominent role in the cultures of many indigenous Arctic peoples, who have hunted them for their meat, fat, skin, tusks and bones. Adult males can weigh as much as 4,500lbs.

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