Friday, September 4, 2009


Life without record-breaking fingernails

A US great-grandmother says losing her 34-inch fingernails in a car crash has been the most dramatic event of her life. Record-breaking Lee Redmond, 68, of Salt Lake City, Utah, had been growing her nails for 30 years at the time of the accident in February, reports Sky News. Speaking publicly for the first time since the crash, she said: "Losing my fingernails has been the most dramatic thing that's happened in my life. "The thing that bothered me with losing the fingernails was that it becomes your identity and I felt like I'd lost part of that." Ms Redmond now has 11.5cm (4.5in) of nails and said she has no intention of growing them back to their full former glory. "People ask if I'm going to grow them again and I say, no, it was a one time thing," she said. "It took me 30 years to grow them and to get them to that length and they became the world record, and I probably won't live for 30 more years. "I always did everything with them, but now it's so much easier to do things. The weight is so different. In fact my hands seem to fly with the weight gone."

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