Monday, October 19, 2009


A candid camera style TV show has shocked viewers by terrifying a comedian with a blood-soaked fake sniper attack. In the clip from Panic Face King, comedian Kato Ayumu enters a room and sits down with three actors for what he thought was a business meeting. Suddenly, the windows smash and the sound of gunfire fills the room. Kato jumps and screams in terror as the three actors slump to the floor with blood spurting from their chests. To the laughter of the studio audience, Kato crawls in obvious terror to the door, scrabbling in fear against it when he finds it locked. Another actor then bursts into the room wearing a bulletproof vest. Posing as Kato's rescuer, he tries to drag him out of the room as the comedian's body goes stiff on the floor. Another man then enters the room and repeatedly squeezes the trigger of his imitation gun into Kato's head as the petrified funny man flinches on the floor.

Mercifully, after a minute-and-a-half ordeal, a cameraman rushes out and informs Kato that he has been fooled.

The video has received over 100,000 views since being posted to YouTube.

While many viewers applauded the elaborate stunt, many expressed shock and outrage over the extreme nature of the programme.

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