Friday, November 19, 2010


AN ANGRY PROTESTOR interrupted a Fine Gael TD’s interview with Sky News last night by ripping up a piece of paper with the letters IMF written on it in red. The woman was hauled out of the frame as soon as she tore up the piece of paper. She had been standing behind the right shoulder of Limerick East TD Kieran O’Donnell as he was being interviewed by Sky News outside Government Buildings on Merrion Square. However, she gamely makes her way back on screen to finish ripping up her bit of paper and proceeds to shower Mr O’Donnell with the torn pieces.

In the full video on the Sky News website, here, the woman can be seen in the far background earlier on in the report speaking to another person and apparently rummaging in her bag for a piece of paper to write her protest message on. The Sky newscaster interviewing the TD remarked: “You did very well there Mr O’Donnell to plough on with that protestor behind you. I guess that shows the strength of feeling in Dublin.”

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