Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A game show contestant became an online sensation by correctly guessing the phrase 'I've got a good feeling about this' with just one letter revealed. Armed with only an 'L' as a clue, Caitlin Burke, a 26-year-old fashion journalist from New Jersey, solved the puzzle in one go on the Wheel of Fortune show. She stunned veteran host Pat Sajak and won a £4,000 Caribbean holiday by correctly guessing the phrase, reports the Daily Telegraph. The only additional help she had was that she knew there was an apostrophe in the first word and that a previous contestant had wrongly guessed there was an 'R' in the phrase. Asked how she had managed to guess the mystery phrase, Miss Burke said: "I saw that it was a small word, so (thought) 'I've'... "And I thought maybe 'got a feeling about', so I've got a hunch and I said 'I've got a good feeling about this'," she said. Sajak said sarcastically: "Oh, in that case it was easy!" Miss Burke went on to win the equivalent of about £33,000 on the programme. She said she planned to pay off her student loan, buy a Chanel handbag and start a business. Footage of Miss Burke's feat went viral across the web, quickly notching up about 500,000 hits on YouTube alone. Now you too can add to the hits!!

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