Wednesday, November 17, 2010


He’s known around the world for his never-ending step-overs and brilliant skill, but it appears Cristiano Ronaldo may have taken his showboating a bit too far this time.

During Real Madrid’s recent 2-0 victory over rivals Atletico, Ronaldo decided to entertain the Bernabeu crowd by using his just his back to pass the ball team-mate Xabi Alonso. While the Portuguese winger nonchalantly shrugged off the impressive piece of skill, the Atletico Madrid players took immediate offence and accused Ronaldo of being disrespectful. Raul Garcia berated the 25-year-old straight afterwards, declaring: ‘You wouldn't do that [if the score was] 0-0, eh?' After the final whistle, Jose Antonio Reyes also branded the move ‘an act of provocation’. Real’s Sergio Ramos defended his team-mate though and highlighted the fact no-one made a fuss when Zlatan Ibrahimovic pulled off a similar manoeuvre against Mallorca when he was at Barcelona.
Ex-Formula 1 dude Riccardo Patrese takes his wife for a 'gentle' spin around the track...v.funny...v.funny indeed...

She tries hard to convince him to slow's not successful!

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