Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Even in theory it seems a strange choice for half-time entertainment at a family event - but clearly the Boston Blazers lacrosse team see half-naked lapdancing cheerleaders in a very different light to the rest of us. Blazers bosses have come in for criticism after an amateur video was posted on YouTube showing a risqué half-time performance where Scorch - the team mascot - was treated to three different lapdances from cheerleaders in the middle of the pitch. The crowd, which included a fair few children attending with their parents, were then encouraged to decide which performance was the best after watching the girls gyrating on the mascot's lap for about 20 seconds each. If I'm to be kind, the reaction of fans at the game was mixed - with several boos clearly heard around the stands. A few dads just sat quietly and watched before being encouraged to boo by their wives, which they duly did. My favourite bid of the video is the kid in the red jumper going down a few rows to chat to his friends about it - and get a closer look while he's at it - about two-thirds of the way through.

A girl falling into a fountain while texting in a shopping centre has become a YouTube hit, after the unfortunate incident was captured on CCTV.
It’s easily done. You’re walking along engrossed in your phone, completely oblivious to the world around you, when you walk into something.You dust yourself off, try to hide your embarrassment and get on with your day. But for one avid phone-user, the unfortunate results of a lack of due care and attention when texting were captured on CCTV – and have now been viewed by over 700,000 people on YouTube. In the video, the girl is seen walking along texting, oblivious to the large fountain dead ahead. She then tumbles over the side, falling face down in the water, before retrieving her phone and quickly scrambling away. And if that wasn’t enough for you, the video also includes more than one angle so you can really appreciate the awkward moment.

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