Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Lady Gaga's new single Born This Way has been slammed by fans for 'ripping-off' Madonna's hit Express Yourself. But which of these two queen divas will win our Celebrity Face Off?

Madonna's video for her 1989 single Like A Prayer outraged religious groups because it featured burning crosses. Likewise, she created huge public backlash for positng on a the 52-year-old's promo to Like A Virgin saw her writhing on the floor in a wedding dress. For GaGa, 24, it was the lesbian kissing in the video for Telephone - her single with Beyoncé - which has caused the most controversy in her career so far. That and the infamous meat dress, openly talking about her sex life and pleading with fans to use condoms: 'You put that condom in your purse and save your own f***ing life.' Charming.

Face Off Winner round one: Madge - she started the trend of creating a buzz and it's a trend Lady Gaga follows religiously.

Material Girl Madonna conquered the world in the Eighties with her brash style and conical bra. Her knack for constantly reinventing her look has also made her a fashion icon. In her 1990 tour, Madonna's leotard costume with the iconic bra put her on the fashion map. Gaga is clearly a fan of Madonna's fashion - as well as her music - as she sported a similar get-up while touring and even tried out Madonna's bleach blonde hairstyle. From giant button and bow piece hairdos to transparent plastic dresses and covering herself in duct tape, GaGa also has her own wacky and outlandish fashion sense, and has modelled a range of outrageous looks that culminated in a hard-to-beat dress made of meat last year.

Face Off Winner round two: GaGa, nobody else can pull off a meat dress like she can.

In just two years, the electro-pop princess GaGa seemed to have covered eight or nine years worth of re-inventions by her idol Madonna. Like Madonna, Lady GaGa writes her own material and possesses a unique sense of flare. While GaGa’s first album The Fame sold around 13 million copies, Madonna’s breakthrough Like a Virgin album sold more than 21 million. Then again, Madonna banked her first No1 with her second set, Like a Virgin, whereas GaGa banked her first number one with her first single Just Dance, and her second consecutive number one single Poker Face was crowned the best-selling single of 2009. GaGa’s songs are just as memorable and they saturate the airwaves in exactly the same way as Madonna’s, and songs by both icons were recently featured in episodes of high school drama Glee. GaGa's eagerly-awaited new single, Born This Way, which is out today has also been likened to a reworking of Madonna’s own song, Express Yourself. It screams a lot of Madonna, so it's hard to know if GaGa is trying to establish a new identity as the, er, new Madonna. Madge still hasn't stopped in her tracks though and she definitely isn't a one trick pony – this weekend she's rumoured to be travelling to Berlin for the screening of her new film, W.E.
Face Off Winner round three: Even though Madge doesn’t seem to want to give up her legacy or pass it on to her minion GaGa, GaGa looks like she'll blow up even bigger than she already is in the near future, so she's our round three and overall Face Off winner, but we're glad that Madge is still doing her thing.

I matched the speed and pitch of Express Yourself with Born This Way the result is...interesting. Does it prove that Born This Way is a Ripoff? You decide.

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