Wednesday, July 13, 2011

angry with the world? why not tattoo it on your forehead...if you are an idiot that is...

Patrick Brooks, 21, has become something of an internet sensation after being photographed for a police mugshot with the words 'F*** You' emblazoned across his forehead.

While Brooks' tattoo is probably endearing him to other inmates in prison, not everyone has been quite so lucky with their choices of body art. Last year, a mugshot was released of naive radio listener David Jonathan Winkelman, with him displaying his rather unfortunate tattoo. Winkelman and his stepbrother, Richard Goddard, had the logo for hard-rock radio station KORB tattooed on their foreheads after a presenter claimed there was a six-figure sum up for grabs for anyone who did so. After hearing the offer, the gullible duo headed straight to a body artist, who etched the permanent reminder of their naivety on their faces. Staff at the radio station told the pair it was actually a practical joke when they arrived to collect their prize money, and their mistake was revealed after Winkelman was arrested on a misdemeanour charge and his mugshot made its way onto the web.

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