Thursday, July 7, 2011

who is the worst driver in the Netherlands? eh, this guy, this guy contest

A contestant on the Dutch TV show Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands? has well and truly staked his claim after he ran down a TV presenter during filming for the final episode.BNN reporter and television personality Ruben Nicolai was standing to the side of a 'braking from speed test' when the contestant known as 'Pim' swerved off the tarmac and ploughed straight into both a cameraman and Nicolai himself. Luckily no-one was seriously injured in the smash which occured when Pim took his eyes off the road and ran over traffic cones. In a split-second the car left the road and headed toward the nearby crew as Pim closed his eyes and hoped for the best. Travelling In his car were two female passengers - an instructor sitting in the front seat and Pim's friend in the back. The bone-crunching accident did have one positive impact for the TV show though, with the broadcast attracting a record 1.2million viewers. After spending a night in hospital, a shaken Nicolai reassured viewers that he would make a full recovery: 'I've just a little pain in my shoulder and my foot. We all had the fright of our lives.'
Funnily enough, or perhaps unsurprisingly enough, Pim has had his licence revoked :p

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