Thursday, February 9, 2012

bourne movies without jason bourne?? yup & the bourne legacy looks amazeballs too plus check out the crazy looking iron sky trailer while yr at it...

The first trailer for The Bourne Legacy.

check this too...

Full Iron Sky trailer pits Sarah Palin against Nazis from the Moon
We saw a glimpse of this indie flick several weeks back — now revel in the full trailer for the lunar Reich picture Iron Sky. As much as I'm loving the spaceship designs, I'm hoping the hamfisted political humor plays second fiddle to the insane orbital Nazi-smashing. Iron Sky opens April 4 in Finland, April 5 in Germany, and will expand to other countries soon after. Hat tip to Mike.

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tagui shom said...

reviews of Iron Sky don't look as impressive as the trailer, here's a collection posted in reddit