Monday, February 6, 2012

eminem being sued for ripping off idea for this admittedly shithot superbowl ad for chrysler cars...

US rapper Eminem is being sued for US$9 million in a hand written lawsuit by a homeless man. Pieck, who listed his address as homeless in the lawsuit, claims that Eminem's Crysler commercial which premiered during last year's Super Bowls was indeed his idea. The man states that he was having dinner in a New York restaurant with Jordon Bratman and Christina Aguilera in September 2010, when the pop singer called Eminem. The lawsuit claims that Aguilera handed Pieck the phone and that he then gave Eminem the idea for the Born of Fire commercial. "I want the court to reward me a judgment in the amount of $9 million," Pieck writes in his lawsuit. "I designed every aspect of the commercial and the commercial was stolen from me. In addition, I did not receive compensation in monetary terms for the work I did." The Born of Fire commercial features Eminem and his song Lose Yourself.

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