Friday, February 24, 2012

redfm 24-hour spinathon in aid of motor neuron foundation @studio fitness down the marina fri 24th feb 2012

for those who have never 'spun' before (me) it's, eh, kinda like hell to be honest, certainly pretty freakin hardcore so much so that on top of copious sweating (me) there was also a nosebleed (eh, me) all of which combined for a pretty sight all things considered! Well done to Aoife who contacted me on Red Drive looking for fundraising ideas (her mom Phil is sadly afflicted with the disease & Aoife was inspired by the Colm Murray docu on RTE to do her bit to raise awareness and cash for research), Anita from Studio Fitness offered the Spinathon idea and bada bing many thousands of euro-raised later it happened and here is the gruesome painful evidence! Hats off to Shane McLoughlin & Laurence Hickey both of whom agreed to do the ENTIRE 24-hours spinning, not forgetting Rhona O'Brien doing 12 straight hours of spinning & no I have no idea how either but fair feckin play lads!! Thanks to Lisa our shouty instructor to :p Man was she on my case ;-)

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