Friday, March 14, 2008

Dwarf Suit

When staff at a charity shop in Langport, Somerset, opened a bag labelled 'baby clothes', they found a tiny old fasioned three-piece suit inside. Tied to the tailcoat was a tag marked 'dwarf suit'. There was also a note that read: 'James Wilson, Statham Lodge, Cheshire, d (died) 1819, aged 61. The Little Squire.'
The shop's manager Michaela Warner phoned Statham Lodge, which is now a hotel. Co-owner Georgina Walker said the discovery backed up a tale about a dwarf who had lived in the attic of the lodge. 'There are little curved staircases up there and small doors with handles at the bottom,' said Mrs Walker. She and her husband had thought the tale was too odd to be true - until the suit convinced them. They've now bought the outfit and plan to have it framed and displayed in the hotel.

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