Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sperm 4 Tix Scandal!

Friend of mine got a job with this crowd and said that after he had worked 'a week in hand' he started making money 'hand over fist' (thanks Mark in Mayfield)

Free festival tickets to any music festival in Europe are being offered in return for men becoming sperm donors. Passes to a festival of their choice will be offered to any donors in Europe who contribute to Ireland's sperm reserves. The website,, says Irish stocks are dwindling, with demand higher than supply. It says in the last four years, sperm donations have decreased by 40 per cent. The Sperm For Tickets initiative makes use of special donation containers and a fast courier network to offer donation via mail. Anyone in Europe can request a donation pack, indicating which European festival they wish to attend via It says donors must be physically healthy men from a broad cross section of society who's ages range from 18-50 years.

If ya check the site it has been inundated with requests so is 'on hold' temporarily - guess they just couldn't handle the 'explosion' in interest...

please add all the puns you can think of by coment below....

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