Friday, March 7, 2008

Holy High-Heels Robin!

Like a herd of crazed antelope, jockeying and shoving for position, 150 young women thundered down Amsterdam's most famed fashion street in stiletto heels on Thursday, racing for a €10,000 (£7,655) prize. The annual race on the P.C. Hooft street called the 'Stiletto Run' is only three years old - but has quickly grown in popularity and spawned imitation races in Germany, Sweden, Poland and Russia.m The race's motto is 'Shopping is a Sport' and friendly competition is encouraged. 'At the start there was a lot of pushing, you really get elbowed over,' said Fauve Stukje, 18, who came with a small entourage and a big pink sign - but failed to win, show or place.

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